Walaa Kaddah

Walaa Kaddah

Walaa Kaddah Story

Through her handicraft project, Mrs. Walaa Kaddah adopts the idea of recycling to create exceptional and practical pieces suitable for home use.

Mrs. Walaa offers in her store a distinguished collection of trays and pieces of home decor that are handcrafted using wood, glass, glue, lacquer oil, gypsum, and other raw materials.

Such artworks are crafted in the following process:

  • Cracking glass into pieces

  • Filling the tray base with gypsum paste

  • Placing the glass pieces on the tray, then allowing them to dry

  • Coating and painting the tray with lacquer oil

With that, the tray takes on its final, ideal shape and is ready to be used when offering food and beverages to guests.

Browse the collection of distinctive trays that Mrs. Walaa Kaddah has lovingly created and are currently available on Souq Fann!

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Handcrafted Artful Pieces from Wood and Glass