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Vicky Gallery

Vicky Gallery Story

First Steps of "Vicky Gallery"

"Osama Adel" is a creative young man who was able to start his own home-based business which specializes in making unique products that are eco-friendly. By integrating women from the local community, he helped them increase their income while working on protecting the environment.

Using Egyptian cotton, and special embroidery threads, Osama crafts a variety of beautiful and practical products such as bags, laptop cases, notebooks, passport covers and many more.

Challenges Faced By "Vicky Gallery"

At the beginning of his project, Osama faced many obstacles and difficulties. Marketing products and reaching interested clients were the most prominent ones, but Osama didn't give up and stayed determined to make his products reach the global market.

His efforts finally paid off when he joined Souqfann, and Vicky Gallery products are now available for clients from all over the world. Check them out on Souqfann!

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Embroidered products with unique designs