Hala Jaafar started her business “Uniart” in 2009 while she was still a university student, with the goal of sharing her vibrant hand-drawn artwork on wearable items.

As an artist, she wanted to showcase her creativity and make her artwork accessible to a wider audience. She began by selling her artwork on t-shirts and hoodies and received positive feedback from her customers, which encouraged her to expand her product line to include handmade accessories such as earrings, rings, and hairpieces.

In 2016, Hala started building her own website to sell her products and expanded her business both domestically and internationally.

She also sold my products through concept stores and coffee houses, as well as participated in popular events like Amman Design Week and Souq Dezain to raise awareness of her brand. Overall, her passion for art and creativity has driven her business to success.

You can now browse UNIART products and add them to your shopping cart at Souqfann!

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Artistic Designs Made with Passion