Um Uoqab

Um Uoqab

Um Uoqab Story

Um Uoqab shop makes its way in the world of handcrafted products, as it seeks to use old, heritage materials and revive them in an attractive modern way.

The store offers a range of distinctive products that include floor rugs used for trips, in addition to daily bags.

As for the name "Um Uoqab", it was inspired by the eagle bird known in Arabic with the name of “Uoqab”, which symbolizes strength, and loftiness, and the word "mother" was added to it as a symbol for the female shopkeeper and to give it a delicate feminine character.

The shopkeeper uses al-Sadu cloth and another waterproof fabric in the manufacture of rugs. She uses straw, polyester, and cotton cloth as basic materials in the manufacture of daily bags. The process of making one product takes from one to two weeks, depending on the size of the piece and the availability of raw materials to start work.

As is the case with craft projects in their infancy, the “Um Uoqab” store still faces some difficulties with regard to providing raw materials and marketing products, which the store owner hopes to overcome by joining Souqfann.

Shop now the unique and distinctive "Um Uoqab " products from Souqfann!

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Traditional Products with a Contemporary Touch