Toleen Candle

Toleen Candle

Toleen Candle Story

After completing the prerequisites for her specialty in Art Education, Mrs. Toleen Awali enrolled in two courses: one in sculpting at the Institute of Fine Arts while the other was about candlemaking. Mrs. Toleen's extensive art expertise inspired her to launch Toleen Candle, a craft shop where she hoped to use her numerous artistic talents.

Scented candles with hand-carved patterns and long-lasting smells are Toleen Candle's specialty. Additionally, the shop offers a diverse collection of candle holders that are also hand-carved.

The production of a candle, which takes around 5-6 hours and involves the use of soy wax, paraffin wax, and essential oils, starts with

  • Wax melting

  • Adding essential oils

  • Pouring the mixture into the molds

  • Decorating the candle with dried roses or other toppings

  • Leaving the candle to dry

  • Then it is packaged and ready for delivery

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Hand-Carved Scented Candles