Thunder for Handmade Crafts

Thunder for Handmade Crafts

Thunder for Handmade Crafts Story

At the end of 2020, and after seeing the increasing demand for handicrafts and people’s huge interest in acquiring handmade pieces to decorate their houses or to give as special gifts, Mr. Amer Otrah and his friend co-founded the “Thunder for Handmade Crafts” workshop, which specializes in the manufacture of handmade wood and resin necklaces and watches.

Using the finest natural wood and epoxy resin, the "Thunder for Handmade Crafts" workshop offers exceptional designs and unique blends of colors crafted with exquisite craftsmanship to impress everyone who acquires them.

According to Mr. Amer, working with wood and resin requires accuracy and perfection until the piece has its desired final shape. 

Working on any piece might take 2 to 3 days, and the production process goes as follow:

1- Choosing the design or the desired final shape of the piece.

2- Pouring epoxy onto the wood.

3- Cutting the piece as required, after ensuring that the epoxy layer is completely dry.

4- Edging and polishing the piece.

As with any handicraft workshop, Mr. Amer faced some challenges in promoting and marketing his products, that's when he decided to join Souqfann, a place where he can present these products to a larger group of people and speed up the production cycle.

Experience the beauty and the artistic combination between wood and resin by taking a closer look at the "Thunder for Handmade Crafts" workshop's handcrafted products available only at Souqfann!

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