Thread House Jo

Thread House Jo

Thread House Jo Story

"Threadhouse. j o" is a craft store selling embroidered products in Western patterns that are slightly different from the peasant embroidery prevalent in the region.

Mrs. Aya Aridah started the "Threadhouse. jo" craft shop as she believed she had a lot of spare time that she could use to expand her skills and abilities in a range of activities.

Mrs. Aya uses unique embroidery patterns to adorn a variety of fabric pieces. These patterns sometimes take the shape of portraits, cartoon characters, or even specific names that the customer requests. Additionally, Mrs. Aya offers, in her shop, the concept of embroidery on patches, which are attached by ironing to any piece of cloth. Mrs. Aya regarded this product as the first of its type because she couldn’t find any shop offering personalized embroidered patches.

Mrs. Aya employs the machine embroidery technique in her shop. As a start, she sets the hoop on the piece of fabric after finalizing the design and sending it to the sewing machine once being supplied with silk threads. She then trims away the excesses and the Vaseline paper fixed on the back, having the artwork in its finished look.

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