Tasmem Story

A chance encounter led to Rawand's first foray into resin projects. A family member with mobility difficulties inspired her to design a practical solution - an acrylic table shaped like the letter C, perfect for keeping things in one place. The table was so well-received that Rawand launched her project, creating multi-functional accessories for the home and office that blend beauty with utility.

Rawand uses various materials, including acrylic, wood, copper, synthetic canvas and decorative materials like seashells, to design products that cater to the needs of people in homes and offices. These products are designed in a transparent color, adding a touch of beauty to any space while maintaining its spaciousness.

Rawand follows a specific process to create her products. First, she draws the initial design by hand and then redraws it on a computer to create a digital version. Following this, she designs the model using the digital version. After that, the manufacturing process begins, where laser cutting machines and other tools are used to create the product. Finally, Rawand adds any necessary finishing touches requiring fine details. The final design approval stage takes approximately one month, and the manufacturing stage takes a maximum of one week. Once the product is complete, it is of the highest quality.

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Acrylic Products Enhance Your Space