Shouneh Products

Shouneh Products

Shouneh Products Story

“In 2022, the project took quite a turn; we found ourselves selling and marketing our products. From exhibitions to photoshoots to signing agreements with online sales platforms and shops. Our jam and sundried tomatoes are now packaged, branded, and ready to go from our warm Shouneh to your homes.” says Muyassar Abdulhadi, Um Yahya, who is one of the ladies working on the project of Shouneh Products.

Rich with traditional flavors, prepared by the women of South Shouneh using locally grown fruits and vegetables and the region’s unique flavors to economically empower local women. Shouneh Products are a celebration of Al Shouneh’s culture and a sustainable economic enabler for its community.  

Shouneh Products are one component of the Local Partnership for Tourism Development (Shams). A Partners for Good project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan. Shams aspires to create jobs and economic opportunities by establishing linkages between local community members and private sector actors.


Main Shouneh products include Sun Dried Tomato, Tomato Sauce, and Jams.

Try now the unique taste of Shouneh products, available now at Souqfann!

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From Shouneh Women to your homes.