Sanabel Crafts

Sanabel Crafts

Sanabel Crafts Story

First Steps of "Sanabel Crafts"

After working in a full-time job for several years,  Mr. “Bassem Essam” and his wife felt the need to have their own business. And his wife,  who had a passion and love for handicrafts, suggested that he opens the “Snabel Crafts” store for handmade products. 

This was the beginning of the store which became an income source for Mr. Bassem and his wife in the hope that they can open a large workshop and move from an individual project to a well-established company in the future.

The idea of this project is based on making products with elegant and unique customized designs for customers, such as clay mugs decorated with distinctive designs and drawings. In addition to that, Mr. Bassem and his wife usually hold seasonal workshops to share their passion and experience with other passionate artisans.

Challenges Faced By "Sanabel Crafts"

No business can continue without obstacles or difficulties, but the optimist is the one who sees opportunity in every difficulty!

Even though "Sanabel Crafts" faced a lot of challenges related to marketing products and finding new markets to sell them, they kept trying and working with love and passion, till they  could find the right place to market their works which was Souqfann.

You can now enjoy the beauty of handmade products, and add a special touch to your space with "Sanabel Crafts" available on Souqfann.

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Handmade products crafted with love!