Samra Art

Samra Art

Samra Art Story

Mrs. Hadeel Al-Qawasmeh believes that handcrafted pieces hold exceptional sentimental value, making them the most unique and meaningful gifts for someone special. 

Therefore, and due to her great passion for the handicraft field, as well as the huge support she received from her friends and family, Mrs. Hadeel decided to launch her own handicraft business, which was called later Samra Art; a shop that showcases artful pieces made with lots of love by Mrs. Hadeel.

Samra Art offers various items adorned with astonishing polymer clay designs formed creatively by hand. This includes; mugs, keychains, and frames, in addition to pendants for doors and cars.

Working on any product might take up to 3 days. It all starts with forming the polymer clay by hand without using any mold, after that, the piece is dried in the oven to keep its final shape, then it's ready for packaging and delivery.

Samra Art products are uniquely designed with dynamic colors, making them unforgettable gifts for dear ones. Check them out now only at Souqfann!

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Beautifully Handcrafted Polymer Clay Accessories