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Safa Store

Safa Store Story

Safaa's story began in the heart of a private association that provided training for women and girls interested in handicrafts, including a candle-making course. Safaa loved this craft specifically, and learned the techniques of making candles with different designs and shapes, then she decided, after gaining sufficient knowledge and experience in this field, to open her own shop and start making income to help her family.

The beginning wasn’t very smooth, Safaa faced many challenges on her way to success. At first, she did not have sufficient capital to cover the costs of the project, and the Covid-19 pandemic made things even worse, leading to an increase in the prices of raw materials that Safaa needed in her work, in addition to the delay in the arrival of orders to their owners due to the curfew imposed at the time.

However, things soon gradually improved after the end of the closures, and Safaa was finally able to return to work, as her perseverance culminated in the opening of her own online store on the Souqfann platform.

You can now browse the products of the Safaa store, made with love and available on Souqfann.

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Scented Candles Made with Love