Reem’s art

Reem’s art

Reem’s art Story

Reem embarked on a creative journey in her small bedroom, bringing her exquisitely detailed paintings and watches to life. Despite her love for expressing herself through art, she needed something new. When her artistic project hit a roadblock, Reem refused to give up. Instead, she explored a different kind of creativity, using smaller pieces to make excellent accessories. The idea struck her to repurpose old colored pieces with thermal paste, transforming them into unique and stylish new items.

Reem launched her new project and named it "Reem's Art," inspired by her real name. The name was simple and memorable, so she decided to keep it. Her store specializes in creating accessories and jewelry for women and children, offering various shapes and colors.

Manufacturing accessories begins by forming the desired shape from thermal paste or assembling metal parts and recycled materials. The formed product is then dried and solidified using a machine. Following that, artistic touches are added by Reem, who paints it and adds decorative pieces to enhance its beauty. The amount of time that goes into creating one piece varies from one to three hours, depending on the complexity of the details. Once Reem's design is completed, she places it in her envelope and decorates it.

Reem faces a challenge in her project: finding a suitable workspace that allows her to work with better focus and quality.

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