Purpose of Art

Purpose of Art

Purpose of Art Story

As a result of his family's great attachment to Palestinian history and heritage, Mr. Nabeel Abu Mousa learned embroidery at an early age until he mastered its unique patterns that reflect the beauty of Palestinian culture. 

However, his handicraft skills were not limited to embroidery only, as his university studies, in which he specialized in Dental Technology and Laboratories, was his breakthrough in the craft of sculpture and formation. That was because this specialization included skills such as soap carving, wax forming, building porcelain pieces for teeth, and designing some prostheses based on the patient's need.

Mr. Nabeel established his craft store, which he named "Purpose of Art," to demonstrate the value of art in all of its forms, to underline that it is accessible to everyone, and to emphasize that it is not only for a limited group of people. 

Mr. Nabeel is eager to show through his handicraft store that Palestinian embroidery and heritage are part of modern clothing and may be worn at any time and that they are not just something that is found in antiquity heritage museums and grandmothers' houses.

The Purpose of Art store offers a unique selection of hand-shaped and hand-carved works of clay or stone in addition to shirts, hoodies, T-shirts, and jeans with designs embellished with the finest hand-embroidered patterns that are in line with the most recent fashion trends.

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