Nourtastic Story

“Nourtastic” is a craft shop specializing in embellishing pottery pieces with modern and unique hand paintings. The project started as a hobby for Mrs. Nour Khateeb, through which she wanted to give special meaning to handcrafted pieces.

The main idea of this shop was to add distinctive characteristics to the items that people own. Each product designed by Mrs. Nour is characterized by its design that will not be repeated in others, making it the perfect gift for yourself and your dear ones.

Nourtastic offers a wide selection of hand-crafted and painted items, such as healthy lead-free pottery pieces, porcelain mugs, cotton tees, and macramés.

According to Mrs. Nour, drawing on such pieces requires a lot of time and effort, and the production process may take from two to 20 hours for the product to have its unique and distinctive final shape, depending on the piece size and the desired design.

Mrs. Nour mastered hand-painting pottery pieces. Using her brush and remarkable talent, she creates the most astonishing designs and drawings to give these pieces an artistic character that catches everyone's eyes and brings charming flair to your place.

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Pottery Pieces Embellished with Astonishing Hand P