Nice and Art

Nice and Art

Nice and Art Story

Beginnings of Nice and Art

After a lengthy search for a job that would allow her to balance her roles as a mother and a housewife with her passions and hobbies, Ms. Eman Owineh opted to start her own venture when she couldn't find a suitable job. Rather than giving up on her ambitions, she chose to establish a project that would enable her to create artful and handcrafted pieces that meet the demands and elegant tastes of her customers, while also being able to take care of her family life.

Ms. Eman Owineh is known for her unique creations, particularly her greeting cards that come with seeds and seedlings of roses. Recipients of these cards can plant the seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers, making the card a memorable keepsake. Apart from these cards, she also crafts a range of other products such as candles, printed mugs, and pillows. In her effort to support environmental conservation, she uses recycled materials in some of her works of art.

To create her candles, Ms. Eman employs various materials such as raw wax, essential oils, wicks, colors, and molds. Her artistic tools include boxes, paper, tape, threads, cardboard, and ink, as well as velvet cloth, beads, artificial flowers, gypsum, and other decorative elements.

Challenges Faced by Nice and Art

Despite facing financial obstacles, Ms. Eman Owineh remains determined to advance her project to new heights. The importation fees for rare materials and molds, along with the high prices and shipping costs, have presented significant challenges. Moreover, she has encountered difficulties in marketing her project and expanding her reach to a wider audience. Nevertheless, she persists in working diligently to overcome these challenges and make progress in her project.

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