Needle and Shubra

Needle and Shubra

Needle and Shubra Story

Although the "Needle and Shubra" project of Mrs. Izdehar Shatat was first only intended for close friends, family, and neighbors, their appreciation of her innovative ideas inspired her to continue working on it and create a wide range of distinctive items.

The "Needle and Shubra" craft shop's concept is to display a variety of goods and items of all shapes, sizes, and designs embellished with the most exquisite French embroidery patterns; such as jewelry, clothing, purses, accessories, ribbons, wooden hoops, and a unique assortment of bookmarks.

Mrs. Izdehar begins the manufacturing process by sketching the design on paper before applying it and manually embroidering it on the piece of fabric using the finest kinds of cotton and linen fabric, normal and Turkish wood, DMC threads, and silk threads.

Browse the unique "Needle and Shubra" collection, which is now offered on Souq Fann, and offer them as gifts to your loved ones!

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Unique Selection Embellished with French Embroider