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Neda began her journey in the world of handicrafts and arts with passion and enthusiasm in 2015, specifically because she needed to find a job that would provide a suitable income for her and her children, as she is the breadwinner for them. Neda experimented with different artistic fields until she found one that suited her passion and interest, which is drawing on various surfaces. She mastered painting on glass, canvas, mirrors, and other surfaces, improving her skills through continuous training until she became a professional in her field, after which point she decided to open her own art store and begin her career.

Neda's project includes a variety of artworks and drawings, such as university logos, drawings on various pieces of furniture such as room dividers and partitions, windows, calligraphy for Quranic verses for mosques and Quranic memorization centers, and drawings on shop fronts. All of these drawings and designs could be created in response to the customer's request. Additionally, the nature and precision of the design affect how long it will take to complete the work. It could take anywhere from three days to a week for the design to become incredibly creative and distinct.

To accomplish these works, Neda needs some special supplies, including a large table to work on it comfortably, glass, glass colors, a scalpel, feathers of different sizes, a drill, an abrasive wheel, a glass engraving machine, adhesive paper, and a glass drawing marker. In terms of the working mechanism, it first cuts and grinds the glass piece, then washes and dries it, then places it on a table and sticks it with sticky paper, then draws the chosen design, and finally cuts the piece with a scalpel and colors it. All of these stages are very enjoyable for Neda, who does her work with love and passion, but there are some challenges she faces at work, such as the difficulty of marketing her business and dealing with customers.

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