Naheel Story

Growing up, Mrs. Naheel Al-Khateeb had a strong passion for painting, especially painting on glass. Over time and after practicing this hobby for a while, she decided to establish her artisan shop and showcase various items featuring unique handpainted artworks.

Using special glass paints, Mrs. Naheel's hands decorate glass and ceramic pieces, of various sizes and types, with the most beautiful hand paintings, giving them a fresh new look.

Recycling glass pieces by adorning them with innovative artwork can be described as a smooth process if the artwork does not require a lot of accuracy and attention to the smallest details, however, it can also take from two days to a week for other products to have their desired final look.

Mrs. Naheel’s beautifully and creatively painted products are now available at Souqfann. Go check them out!

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Magnificently Hand-Painted Glass Products