Nafin Story

Graduation is an extremely important phase in our lives! That’s why, Alaa Janbik, the creative designer decided to embellish the memories and wishes of graduation through an eco-friendly handmade graduation notebook that features an artistic design.

Alaa decided not to look at what is written inside the notebook only! Rather, she intended to provide a rich worthwhile graduation notebook inside and outside. Read more and know the main reason why Alaa Janbik creates her store that is called “Nafin”.

How “Nafin” Store Started?

A graduate talented girl wanted to have a graduation notebook with her own touch as she designed her graduation notebook and then choose to design a graduation notebook for each graduate in a way that preserves the environment, adds joy to the hearts of graduates, and supports the local market.

Through graduation notebooks and the various types of notebooks provided to you through "Nafin" store, Alaa makes students and graduates receive the most heart-touching messages from their loved ones, and at the same time, it spreads an important message through its products that encourage reducing consumption and re-use before recycling.

Difficulties Faced by “Nafin”

Alaa uses locally made wood, re-used papers, and more materials to beautify each piece she creates in which she adds decorative touches inspired by the heart of nature on the cover of the notebook such as flower petals and seeds.

However, the main challenge was to find a precise laser machine with high quality for the ability to implement designs with professionalism. Not to mention the great support Alaa receives from the UNICEF "Inhad" Self-employment Programme.

The Environmental Impact of “Nafin”

First and foremost, the products made by “Nafin” aim to reduce paper consumption and re-using old papers instead. Accordingly, the store is greatly contributing to a major revolution in preserving the environment by encouraging parents, relatives, libraries, and all members of the community surrounding the innovative entrepreneur to collect old papers for reuse instead of throwing them in the waste.

Not to mention the support of small business owners and pushing the local industry by only depending on locally made raw materials. What a great effect on society that increases the awareness of reducing consumption and being more friendly to the environment.

Be more eco-friendly, think to re-use before you re-cycle! Browse Souq Fan where you can find the various products that were handmade with love especially for you!

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Graduation is an extremely important phase in our