Nadavinci Story

Nada started her art project journey from her home, and she successfully transformed it into a creative oasis. Her idea was to design unique products that blend beauty and practicality by using mosaic pieces to create exceptional and new works of art. Her range of products includes eye-catching decorative pieces and storage boxes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

To manufacture her products, Nada uses various high-quality raw materials, such as colored natural stones, wooden frames, Al-Mansoori fabric, cement, and even Sweileh sand.

When creating any product, Nada dedicates a significant amount of time, up to four days, to ensure even the most minor details are perfect and the highest level of quality is achieved. She carefully cuts the stones, skillfully transfers the desired design onto Al Mansouri's canvas, and then carefully installs the rocks, ensuring that each piece is in its appropriate place to create a mosaic painting that reflects the artistic spirit in its best form.

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Mosaic Artistry: Breathing Life into Beauty