Miqrama store

Miqrama store

Miqrama store Story

Alaa chose the name "Miqrama" to be the name of her store, as the name represents the craft of weaving and combining threads together to make various products.

The Beginnings of the Miqrama

The beginning of the Miqrama store was when Alaa, since childhood, has been passionate about different types of handicrafts, which led her to decide to start her own project specializing in the art of Macrame. She weaves various pieces of thread, including medals and keychains in different shapes.

Alaa uses various materials in her manufacturing process, including Macrame threads of different colors and shapes, and various types of beads to add a touch of creativity and innovation to each piece she makes.

Difficulties Faced by "Miqrama"

One of the major difficulties that Alaa faced at the beginning of her project was the financial aspect of acquiring the raw materials needed for her products. However, with the help of her close friends and family, she managed to overcome this obstacle and finally, she joined Souqfann and is now able to showcase her products to new markets.

Now, you can browse Miqrama's unique products available at Souqfann!

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Skilfully-made Macrame Pieces