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Mido Art

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Hamida Al Qasimi, a photographer who specializes in products and food photography, had difficulty finding backgrounds, flooring, and photography accessories that were essential equipment for her work, so she decided to make such pieces herself in the shapes and sizes that suit her needs. And with that, her craft store, Mido Art, was launched.

Alongside the lovely vintage ceramic dishes, the shop also sells a selection of photographic equipment (such as backgrounds and flooring).

These pieces are created by Mrs. Hamida using acrylic paints, gesso, wood, sand, varnish, ceramic, porcelain, canvas, and other raw materials throughout a 3 to 5 day production period.

To create photographic flooring, the work surface must first be prepared with gesso or sand and then allowed to dry. Colors are then applied, and finally, the item is sprayed with varnish.

As for the ceramic pieces, they are hand-shaped before being painted and allowed to solidify. Then they are given a vintage look by being filled with sandpaper, painted with oil, wrapped in tin, and either put in the oven or by using charcoal to attain the desired vintage flair.

Explore the fascinating "Mido Art" collection, which is currently offered on Souq Fann!

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