Mandlatia Story

Mrs. Raniah Masoud started her craft endeavor during the pandemic of Covid-19, wanting to utilize her artistic skills and convert them into a source of revenue.

As a metaphor for the mandala art, which Mrs. Raniah employs the most to embellish items of all sizes and designs, she named her store "Mandlatia."

Mandlatia offers an exclusive selection of products that are crafted with love and tastefully decorated with colorful mandalas.

Using durable MDF fabric that can endure drawing and colors, Mrs. Raniah first applies the design on the product, then places it into the oven to guarantee that the pattern is stable and does not fade over time.

Whether you are seeking extraordinary home decor pieces or practical pieces for everyday use, the "Mandlatia" store, which is now available on Souq Fann, has it all!

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Functional Items Adorned with Mandala Art