MandalistaJo Story

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First Steps of "MandalistaJo"

Niran Shweihat is a Jordanian girl. She went on a visit to the United States one day. During this visit, she saw a group of women drawing mandalas on stones near the sea. She liked this beautiful drawing, and when she asked them about it, they told her that it is a form of meditation and therapy. Niran was impressed by the mandala's art, and upon her return, she bought the colors and started painting on the stones.

After a period of experimenting with this art, Niran mastered it and start drawing on many pieces such as bags, mugs, jewelry, and decorative pieces. After that, she decided to start her own project, "MandalistaJo".

The idea of the "MandalistaJo" project is based on drawing using mandala art on many products, such as bags, wooden coasters, wooden plates, medals, mugs, jewelry boxes, accessories, and others.

Challenges Faced By "MandalistaJo"

Niran is going through many difficulties in this project, as drawing the mandala requires high precision and a lot of time, it might take up to 10 hours to draw on some pieces!

She also finds it difficult to find suitable pieces and craftsmen to produce wooden pieces for drawing on. But that doesn't stop her from giving her best to produce the most beautiful pieces.

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