MalakCrochet Story

Every one of us has a hobby that we enjoy practicing during our free time, yet Mrs. Malak Manea used to answer "I don't know, I don't have a hobby" while looking at her sister who had so many hobbies to work on.

But one day, she found herself caught in the crochet handcraft, and was eager to learn more about it, so she turned to YouTube and began learning this craft from scratch, paying close attention to fundamental techniques until she was finally able to master this craft and add her own touch to the pieces she made.

With this in mind, Mrs. Malak opened her shop, "Malak Crochet," which sells a distinctive range of items made by hand using threads and a hook.

Mrs. Malak does not use any complicated techniques, relying mainly on the crochet hook and threads of all kinds; but what sets out the items she creates is her innovative ideas and how they differ from those provided on the market.

Mrs. Malak wanted to demonstrate to everyone that crocheting is a creative art form that is not just restricted to clothes via her items with cutting-edge designs that are currently offered on Souq Fann. Check them out now!

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Crochet Pieces Knitted with Love Using Hook and Th