Makramyat Story

In the sacred month of Ramadan in 2022, Mrs. Zina embarked on a beautiful journey, bringing forth her creativity and passion through the art of macrame. Her first creations were exquisite decorations, inspired by the spirit of the holy month. As she shared images of her handcrafted masterpieces on social media, the response was nothing short of remarkable. The outpouring of admiration and support from friends and family ignited a spark within Zina, propelling her to explore and evolve further in her newfound artistic pursuit.

With boundless creativity and a deep love for macrame, Mrs. Zeina launched "Makramyat." Her diverse collection features stunning murals, dream catchers, keychains, and intricately adorned glass jars. Each creation is a testament to her passion and skill, leaving admirers captivated by the beauty of her macrame artistry.

Crafting each piece to its final form demands numerous hours of painstaking work. Mrs. Zeina candidly highlights the challenges intertwined with this craft, including sourcing consistent raw materials and navigating the complexities of marketing and sales.

Exciting news! The "Makramyat" store has now joined Souqfann, opening doors to a wider audience of art enthusiasts and potential customers. 

You can now discover the full range of products available on Souqfann and immerse yourself in the artistry of Macrame.

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