Made by Sepsa

Made by Sepsa

Made by Sepsa Story

By creating unique, modern designs and using the finest materials, Mrs. Sabesah Fursan hopes to break the stereotype of hook products and show that they can be fashionable and contemporary. 

That’s when she decided to establish her craft shop "Made by Sepsa" which specializes in crochet products. 

Mrs. Sabesah believed that her Circassian name, which translates to "My Soul," is the finest way to convey the concept of her handicraft shop and the items that she knit with her hands.

The shop has a one-of-a-kind collection of hand-knitted products such as bags, clothes, accessories, etc. While the manufacturing process starts with sketching the design, choosing the thread type (cotton, wool, or mohair yarn), and then hand-knitting the piece to get the final product.

Mrs. Sabesah has turned her passion for knitting into a business, presenting a remarkable selection of woolen items with attractive, practical designs. Check them now on Souq Fann!

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Knitted Items with Practical Designs