Love Secret Candle

Love Secret Candle

Love Secret Candle Story

Meri fell in love with handicrafts and discovered a passion for making candles in unique shapes, which inspired her to launch her own project. She stumbled upon many candle-making videos on social media, and the more she watched them, the more her love for candles grew.

Meri enrolled in an online course with her father's and friends' support, which helped her acquire and improve her skills. She then began selling her first wax products online.

Meri's experiment has been successful, but she encounters numerous obstacles in delivering her products to customers due to her remote location. Being far from services makes the process even more difficult.

Despite the obstacles, Meri was determined to continue her project and pour all her love and sincerity into further developing it. As a result, she and her team made numerous candles that serve as elegant decorative items for both indoor and outdoor spaces or as thoughtful gifts to mark many joyful occasions.

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