Loujane Story

Through her products at Loujane Shop, Mrs. Sana seeks to bring the Palestinian heritage into every home and aims to introduce the world to the stories of every stitch that was embroidered on the dresses of our grandmothers and mothers.

Mrs. Sana uses a mixture of fabrics such as etamine, with all kinds of wood and silk threads to create charming pieces of art out of wooden framed mirrors lined with cloth and embroidered with attractive peasant patterns that captivate the viewer.

It takes anywhere from two weeks to a few months to work on a single piece, depending on the size and type of piece. The process begins with choosing the appropriate drawing and searching for its name and its story in the heritage, and then selecting the basic materials for producing the piece from canvas, strings, wooden frames, a mirror, etc.

Working in the craft field is not easy. In addition to the tremendous effort that Mrs. Sana spends on making her products, she also faces some difficulties and challenges in marketing her work, and in finding adequate financial support, the absence of which sometimes forces her to not complete the work until the end. However, this has begun to change when she joined Souqfann as she is now able to showcase her products online to a wide range of shoppers.

Browse Loujane's distinctive products, made with love, now available on Souq Fann!

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Unique Products from the Fragrant Palestinian Heri