Layan Yaish

Layan Yaish

Layan Yaish Story

The story of Layan started in 2018 when she decided to become a volunteer at handicraft bazaars where she saw a lot of handcrafted products. At first she used to think about what she can add to each product, but then her passion inspired her further to start her own project.

She participated in several bazaars where she presented in her booth recycled products such as clothes, shoes, paintings, and bookmarks with adorned with her own designs.

After her first participation in a handmade bazaar, and because of the positive feedback she received, Layan was encouraged to continue taking part in such events. 

Her extraordinary skills helped her to get noticed in the artistic community, and she finally started giving art classes to little kids interested in this field in 2021.

In 2022 Layan decided to move to Jordan to get her diploma in fine art where she was introduced to Souqfann, a marketplace where she could showcase her works and reach new clients.

You can now browse Layan's beautiful products and buy them on Souqann! Shop Now!

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Pieces of Art Made with Lots of Love!