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Lana Art

Lana Art Story

The artist expresses his ideas and feelings to people via his paintings and other works of art. This is the precise goal that Mrs. Lana Al-Jabour had in mind when she opened "Lana Art," a craft store where she chose to use her remarkable sketching abilities.

"Lana Art" offers a magnificent selection of artful charcoal paintings created by the talented lady Lana Al-Jabour, where each of them expresses a distinct concept or idea. Not to mention that the store also offers paintings created at the request of the customer.

Using pencils and charcoal, Mrs. Lana embellishes the Fabriano paper with incredibly detailed artwork.

As a start, the painting is softly sketched with a light pencil, after that it’s lightly shaded and finally darkly shaded with charcoal. At this point, the painting is ready to be put in a frame and displayed on the wall.

Accent your house walls with the most magnificent paintings offered to you by the Lana Art store. Available only at Souq Fann!

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Beautifully Hand Drawn Charcoal Paintings