Laffet Kheit

Laffet Kheit

Laffet Kheit Story

"Laffet Kheit" is a specialized artisanal project that creates unique decorative pieces using nails and threads to draw exceptional artwork on wooden boards. These pieces are offered as distinctive gifts for various occasions.

The project owner, Mr. Omar, uses wooden boards as a base for his artwork and starts by sketching the design using a pencil before moving on to the meticulous stage of nailing and weaving colored woolen threads to shape the final ready-to-sell artwork. Each piece can take from one to ten days to complete, depending on its size and design complexity.

Despite the significant effort required to create each artwork, Mr. Omar is extremely passionate about his craft and finds fulfillment and joy in it like no other job.

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Nails and Wool: Transforming Art into Wonders