La.mira_fann Story

It all started with a hobby that turned later on into a business!

“Lamira” is the name Huda chose for her store, and it has a story… it was the name of the first clay doll she made with her own hands.

In her store, Ms. Huda uses polymer clay which turns in her hand into beautiful mugs and plates made with great mastery and lots of love.

The process of making products from clay takes up to 6 hours for each product, and this includes shaping the clay, baking it in the oven, and polishing it to be ready for sale.

The main difficulty Lamira store faced was shipping the products abroad, which was the main reason Ms. Huda joined Souqfann as it allowed her to meet new clients and expand her business to reach bigger markets.

You can find Lamira products now on Souqfann…Check them out right away!

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Lamira where clay speaks loudly