knot Story

The Beginnings of “Knot”

As a young girl who used to watch her mother closely while knitting crochet pieces for herself, and after graduating from university and having plenty of spare time, Mrs. Diya Al-Zoghool decided to take the art of crochet as her craft. She began learning the easy stitches and was so happy each time she learned a new stitch or finished making a beautiful piece. Hence, Mrs. Diya decided to establish her project by marketing her products through social media and had the opportunity to see her project "Knot" grow day by day and take confident steps towards achieving the best results and gaining positive feedback.

Challenges Faced by “Knot”

Aiming to create her own brand one day, Ms. Diya has always been working hard and for long hours despite the challenges anyone working in this craft might face; such as the lack of appropriate marketing means, or the low prices of such handcrafted pieces that require a long time to produce with high craftsmanship and good quality. However, all this wasn’t an obstacle in the way of Mrs. Diya's willingness of being a productive person, work hard in what she loves, and learn everything new in this craft.

“Knot” Social Impact

With the recent increase in unemployment rates among young people, Ms. Diya started her project to motivate others to work hard and achieve their dreams, regardless of the circumstances around them, and to spread awareness in society that every individual is able to learn what he loves regardless of his academic background and that he is capable of being creative in that chosen field. Not only that but Ms. Diya sees her project as an inspiring success story for handicraft lovers who like to create new and different things just like her.

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The Beginnings of “Knot”As a young girl who used t