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First Steps of "Karakeeb_store99"

Ghayda Sarahna loves roses very much, and because everyone around her knows that, they always give her natural roses as a gift to make her happy. However, since these roses are natural, they must wither in the end, which made Ghayda sad!

So, she decided to look for a way to keep these roses for a long time and benefit from them, and this is how she came up with the idea of using resin which led her to start her own business called "Karakeeb_store99".

In her work, Ghayda uses the available materials to create pieces of art with love and passion. The idea of her project "Karakeeb_store99" is based on making medals of natural roses, transparent resin, and beautiful colors, and writing a person's name on them using beads.

Challenges Faced By "Karakeeb_store99"

Like every new business, the Karakeeb store faced a lot of difficulties when it started, such as the lack of popularity in Jordan, the lack of funding to cover the cost of marketing, and the long time needed to produce each piece.

Yet, this didn't stop Ghaidaa from doing her best in order to succeed. She finally joined Souqfann and is now able to reach both local and international markets all around the world.

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Medals made of resin decorated with natural flower