JuJuMan Story

After the Covid-19 epidemic burst in 2020, Ms. Juman Nimri established her business (JuJuMan) for handicrafts and art. Along with small paintings, she also created handcrafted clay jewelry, accessories, and painted bags. Ms. Juman chose a variety of regional national symbols from Jordan that reflect the identity and a sense of belonging to the Jordanian and Arab cultures. As a result, she added a variety of animal motifs and indigenous plants like the cactus plant.

The JuJuMan project's major goal was to turn works of art into accessible pieces that are available to everyone and easy to obtain. Whoever purchases any item from these works does so with the knowledge that it is an exquisite piece of art. Additionally, these items make lovely presents since they are crafted with natural materials and handmade with lots of love and care to suit all occasions and celebrations. 

Which steps and substances are employed in the JuJuMan Project? 

Ms. Juman creates her items with a lot of homemade components. For example, the shape of a necklace is made using clay (pottery) and burned before being painted in tiny and intricate details with acrylic colors. The bags are constructed of denim or linen fabric and painted with vibrant and varied hues of acrylic paint. Small canvases and acrylic paints are used for the artwork too.

Nevertheless, some of these products require prolonged production times, including kiln firing. And honing the drawing's tiniest details, among other things. However, all of the products are made with love because Ms. Juman feels pleasure in her work and doesn't find any obstacles that would stop her from doing more of it.

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