Sugar Sack

Sugar Sack

Sugar Sack Story

Mrs. Walaa Mousa gave her friend a hoop decorated with unusual Brazilian needlework as a graduation gift. This gift made Mrs. Walaa recognize the importance of pursuing her talent and passion and inspired her to kick off her project, which she chose to call the "Sugar Sack"

Mrs. Walaa got the idea for her project from the animated series “We Bare Bears”. In one of its episodes, they featured an eco-friendly tote bag that they later referred to as the "sack"

Mrs. Walaa creates eco-friendly tote bags using cotton or linen fabric, Vaseline fabric, carbon paper, DMC threads, embroidery needles and threads, fabric colors, paintbrushes, and other materials. She begins by creating the design before embellishing it with Brazilian embroidery patterns or painting it using premium fabric colors.

Along with eco-friendly fabric bags decorated with Mrs. Walaa's original patterns or those requested by customers, the shop also sells hand-embroidered French berets, makeup bags, and pencil cases.

Despite the limited supply of materials, marketing challenges, and the amount of time it takes for a piece to take on its final shape, Mrs. Walaa consistently seeks out fresh ideas and discusses them with those around her to develop the most exquisite pieces that satisfy a variety of preferences.

These handcrafted "Sugar Sack" pieces will give you the ideal look no matter what style you're striving for. Check them out now!

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