Hareer w Tara

Hareer w Tara

Hareer w Tara Story

As a hoppy that she used to pursue for a long time, Mrs. Ayshia had to put her love embroidery aside to take care of her children. But when she started having plenty of time for herself after her children grew up, Mrs. Ayshia decided to buy an automated embroidery machine to follow her passion for the craft that she always loved, that's when she established her project Hareer W Tara.

Using different types of fabric, jeans, linen, silk threads, and wooden hoops, "Hareer W Tara" offers the most beautiful embroidered products such as bags, prayer clothes, decorative hoops, Quran covers, graduation scarves, graduation caps, and kids’ clothing, not to mention that some of these pieces are also decorated with unique patterns of the Diwani calligraphy.

Working on any piece, Mrs. Ayshia does the following:

  • Designing the embroidery pattern using a computer 

  • Preparing the fabric and installing it on the hoop, 

  • The hoop is placed on the sewing machine to be embroidered automatically,

  • Implementing the final touches,

  • The piece is ready for packaging and delivery to the customer.

Hareer W Tara's uniquely embroidered products are now available on Souqfann. Check them out!

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