Glimpse of Jordan

Glimpse of Jordan

Glimpse of Jordan Story

This business aims to provide adults with nostalgic coloring books, promoting coloring as a hobby to help them focus and unwind. It all began in 2018, when three friends who were passionate about the colorful life of Jordan decided to share it with artists and architects from around the world.
The three creative friends, including a storyteller, architect, and artist, desired to inform the world of Jordan's rich culture through a medium all could enjoy. They created a coloring book that allows people to contribute their creative energy while immersing themselves in the country's history and culture, from north to south. Children and adults can learn about Jordan's hidden treasures beyond the most visited attractions through these books. 

For each notebook, they first come up with the idea and design of the paintings. Then, they hand-draw the paintings and convert them into electronic copies. Finally, they assemble and arrange the paintings before printing them. With great passion, dedication, and efficiency, they are able to effortlessly produce and supply large quantities.

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Enchanting Coloring Journey With Hues of Heritage