Fun Golden Sand

Fun Golden Sand

Fun Golden Sand Story

Najah has always admired the beauty of rugs and woolen products that her grandmothers and mothers crafted without the need for complex calculations or engineering tools. She started by using sheep's wool, spinning it herself, or getting it already spun. At first, she produced small-sized rugs with dimensions of only a few centimeters.

With the help of a lovely woman from the good old days, Najah learned the art of rug-making. She enlisted the help of many people to buy wool at discounted prices and dye it in beautiful colors inspired by the desert and roses. She has produced numerous woolen products, the most notable being cross-body bags, which come in different shapes and designs.

However, the biggest challenge Najah faces is the ability to market her products with great skill. She hopes all the girls in her community will benefit from her industry and crafts.

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