Fatto a mano

Fatto a mano

Fatto a mano Story

While pursuing her degree in interior design, Mrs. Rana Tbaki decided to establish her handicraft shop, which she named "Fatto a mano," an Italian expression that means "handmade," a word that represents the influence of fashion and accessories on the Italian culture. This expression also inspired Mrs. Rana to apply the middle eastern identity in accessories by coming up with a design that combines heritage and modernity.

Mrs. Rana's store has a particular collection of modern accessories influenced by middle eastern culture. As in her first collection, she used the mystical formation of rock layers and stones that underwent various processes to take on their color gradients and highlight the uniqueness of each accessory piece.

Each piece of accessory goes through the following steps:

  • Sketching of the design, 

  • Mixing the raw materials, 

  • Shaping and cutting the pieces

  • Waiting for the pieces to dry before using parchment paper. 

  • Adding two layers of varnish on the front side of each piece, where each side takes 72 hours to dry before applying another layer of varnish to the opposite side. 

It’s your time to bring a cultural flair to your outfit! To do so, check out Fatto A Mano’s one-of-a-kind accessory collection available at Souq Fann!

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Contemporary Accessories with Middle Eastern Desig