Akram takes pride in his small workshop, where he crafts candles with great care and precision. His choice to use only all-natural soy wax, free from harmful substances, demonstrates his deep commitment to preserving the environment. With an unwavering dedication to quality, Akram scents each candle with delicious, natural flavors and ensures they are always beautifully presented.

Akram's passion lies in creating distinctive candles that blend the best scents from nature. However, making a single candle can be time-consuming and requires much patience and dedication. Akram uses a unique melting device to melt the soy wax and then adds essential oils with great care once it reaches the right temperature. He then pours the wax into special molds and leaves it to cool and harden, creating colorful, aromatic candles that tell a unique story. Akram's attention to detail and love for nature is apparent in every candle he makes.

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