Eudaimoniaa Story

Mrs. Baraa Abu Azzam's intense love of art served as a powerful inspiration for the birth of her handmade project, Eudaimoniaa, which she also saw as a chance to spend her leisure time employing her skills to accomplish something she enjoys and is creative in.

Eudaimoniaa offers a distinctive selection of scented candles with unique patterns and designs. Mrs. Baraa believes that candles are the best way to unwind and relax after a stressful day since they can instantly alter the mood in any place by simply being lit.

The essential ingredients Mrs. Baraa needs to make candles at home include raw soy wax, paraffin, essential oils, colors, silicone molds, etc. And this procedure, which might take up to 5 hours, begins with

  • Wax melting in a water bath

  • Adding essential oils and color

  • Pouring the mixture into the silicone molds

  • Allowing the mixture to solidify to get its final form.

Your home's corners will get a nice smell and a stress-free ambiance with Eudaimoniaa’s beautifully handmade candles. Now available on Souq Fann!

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Homemade Candles with Irresistible Scents