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Esraa Color

Esraa Color Story

Esraa used her artistic hobby, which she had developed since childhood, as well as her love of colors and vitality, to launch her project, which includes many handicrafts and artifacts that combine beauty and benefit, which she creates with love and passion for the benefit of others.

Esraa's work incorporates a variety of materials, including wood, board, and acrylic colors, to create art paintings, bookmarks, wall hangings, key hangers, and other artifacts that make nice gifts for family and friends. Esraa requires a duration of one to three days to present very elegant products, during which she prepares the initial design of the product, then chooses the colors and their consistency, applies them to the product, and then waits for them to dry. All of these things necessitate patience, accuracy, and a keen eye for detail for the product to present the best possible image to the customer.

The need for an effective marketing strategy that will help Esraa promote her products and reach the greatest number of people is the main challenge she faces at work.

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Artistic Touches Brimming with Vitality