Epoxy art Jordan

Epoxy art Jordan

Epoxy art Jordan Story

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First Steps of "Epoxy art Jordan"

Murad Abu Saad and Fares Abu Saad are two creative young Jordanians, who have a passion for making and shaping wooden pieces, and how to combine natural wood with epoxy to produce unique pieces of art that keep pace with development in a modern way. This passion led them to research and study this subject, which enabled them to learn and master this skill.

Therefore, they started their own project, "Epoxy Art Jordan", to manufacture art pieces and products using wood and epoxy, and they used this name to denote the material from which the products were made.

The idea of this project is based on making a set of pieces such as tables, trays, cheese boards, wall clocks, and coasters using wood, epoxy, and colors.

Challenges Faced By "Epoxy art Jordan"

Making and shaping products from wood is not an easy matter, as bringing pieces of natural wood and then treating and forming them with the required materials, then mixing epoxy resin and combining it with natural wood according to the required shape requires a lot of time and effort.

But because a persistent person never gives up, Murad and Fares continued with this project until they reached this stage.

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High quality modern art pieces made of natural woo