Elegance Crocheting

Elegance Crocheting

Elegance Crocheting Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period, "Ataa", the founder of the "Elegance Crocheting" project, decided to take up a new hobby to occupy her time. She asked her skilled mother to teach her the art of crocheting, and as soon as she learned the basics, she quickly developed her skills by watching advanced video tutorials on YouTube.

Fate gradually led her to start her own project called "Elegance Crocheting," in which she offers high-quality handmade crocheted products, including bags, wallets, coasters, keychains, book markers, tablecloths, and more. The production time for each item varies depending on its size and details.

Like other handicraft projects, Ataa faces some challenges related to low demand for her products, high raw material costs, and intense competition in this field. Nevertheless, she perseveres and does her best to offer unique pieces that stand out from what is available in the market.

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Elegant pieces beautifully crocheted with love