After working for several years in his father's tailor shop, Mahmoud was unable to give up his passion and love for this artistic craft. Despite his father's shop closing due to difficult circumstances, Mahmoud was determined to develop his skills and so he learned the fundamentals of sewing and embroidery from his uncle. He then enrolled in Luminus College to learn various printing techniques on different materials, before taking the big step of opening his own business called DUBAI MM, specializing in printing, designing, and embroidering clothes.

DUBAI MM offers a variety of services that include designing uniforms for universities and schools, creating logos and embroidering official employee uniforms, and much more. The production of each piece is divided into three stages: designing the logo, selecting the fabric and required attire, and then printing or embroidering the design using a special machine.

Despite the production process not being difficult, Mahmoud faces some challenges related to the high number of competitors and similar products in the market. However, he perseveres and works continuously to distinguish his products and maintain excellence.

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