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Dodo craft

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Ms. Duaa Sharara discovered her passion and artistic talent in the fields of Quilling (a plastic art that relies on rolling colored paper to produce different shapes) and Origami (the art of folding paper to produce specific figures) almost four years ago. Following that, she began to hone her skills in this field, and she used the Internet to stay up-to-date on everything new in this field.

Duaa discovered that this art is not widely practiced, so she decided to share her passion and work in this field with as many people as possible by creating accessories, paintings, 3D models, and other varied works of art using both the art of quilling and origami. However, she faces some challenges in her work due to a lack of financial capabilities, and it also seeks to improve its products and develop its skills further in order to advance its workers.

The time that Duaa needs to make a single product ranges from one day to a week, as she first draws the initial shape and prepares the basic design of the piece, then starts cutting the paper and wrapping it by hand with care and attention until it comes out with its perfect look.

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Unleashing Creativity with The Art of Paper