Dania_writings Story

The Dania_writings project began with Dania's talents in drawing and Arabic calligraphy, but she later developed and exploited these talents to present various arts and crafts until she achieved great success through her works and opened her project.

The project aims to design artworks such as medals, wooden pendants, canvases, frames, and other wooden panels with designs drawn in Arabic calligraphy (Al-Raq'a line, Thuluth line, Diwani line, and Kufic line). The mechanism Dania uses to manufacture these products varies depending on the type of piece required. For example, if the product is a wooden medal, it first designs the basic shape of the medal using computer programs, then sends the design to a specialized person who cuts the original piece according to the required shape using a laser, and finally, she decorates the wooden piece using colors and graphics according to the desired shape.
In terms of artistic paintings, she uses Canon paper or a canvas painting and colors to paint the background of the drawing, after which she adds quotes and sentences in Arabic calligraphy to give the painting a unique Arabic character, then puts it inside its frame if necessary.

Since Dania's project is just getting started, she has to deal with some challenges. These challenges are reflected in her efforts to promote and distribute her products to a wider audience and to evaluate their material and moral value. She also has to figure out how to get this project to a more advanced stage, which presents its own set of difficulties. Regardless of the challenges, Dania is determined to see this project succeed.

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Masterpieces Inspired by Arabic Calligraphy